About the Exhibit

Serenity, joy, shame, passion, anger, anxiety, fear, pain, regret and sadness – we have all experienced each of these feelings at some point. Celestial Demon has presented here his visualization of these emotions through ten images.

The name of the emotion related to the picture can be seen on the floor before each image.

With the objective of staying consistent with the art, we thought a minimalist exhibit would be perfect to go with Celestial Demon’s images in a similar style but rich in emotion.

About the Artist

Celestial Demon doesn’t quite remember the cause or the reason that brought him into this illusory endless universe, but he knows well why his presence is anchored here.

Free creation, unparalleled exploration and the few splendid people worthy of the name continue to give him energy that is necessary for him to swim deep into this immense ocean, to grasp every shade of color and the different points of view.

Joy made him strong. Pain made him a phoenix. He admires the idea of this universe in itself, particularly the concept of offering his flame and his interiority to strangers through mere photographs.


Art Korner Gallery II

Open Till

February 11th, 2022