The Rainbow Collection

Timo and Patience Dumpling, the curators and owners of the incredible Rainbow Painters Gallery, are well-known in the art world as patrons of art. Over the course of many years, they have amassed a vast collection of artworks (both 2D and 3D) by a number of artists.

A small part of this vast collection will be on display at Art Korner till July 17th. Fractal art, mandalas, surrealism, landscapes and many other types of artworks can be found in their beautiful art collection.

The art here is NOT for sale. You can contact the respective artists for any inquiries about the art. We will be happy to help you get in touch with them.


Special Exhibition Space


12 June – 17 July, 2021

Artists in the Rainbow Collection

2D Artists

  • Ed Rhode
  • Isadora Alaya
  • Mistero Hifeng
  • Tara Aers
  • Cullum Writer
  • Matt Thomson
  • Akona
  • Thus Yootz
  • Star (Gossamerstar)
  • Sisi Biedermann
  • Angel Heartsong
  • Eva Burroughs
  • Josephine Hotshot
  • Michelle
  • Olympes Rhode
  • Sheba Blitz
  • Asmita Duranjaya
  • Bella Firefly
  • Zia Branner
  • Bliss
  • Tim Timaru
  • Viktor Savior
  • Carelyna
  • Joslyn Jeanne
  • Kody Meyers
  • Red Bikcin
  • Rachel Magic
  • Sandi Peterson
  • Cheekyjane Sahara
  • Tooshy
  • Lara Ann Black
  • Sakura2 Kohime
  • Tempest Rosca-Huntsman

3D Artists/Sculptors

  • Kittyboo Flux
  • Mistero Hifeng
  • Lara Ann Black
  • Faith Maxwell
  • Reycharles
  • Milly Sharple
  • Sir Jackson Sirius Wolfe

In Pictures