About the Exhibit (in the words of Melusina Parkin)

The great photographer Walker Evans was obsessed with the signage he found in modern America – from billboards to gas station pumps to street graffiti to handmade announcements of a Saturday night dance and he photographed signs throughout every phase of his career.

Then, the same “obsession” caught many other renowned photographers.

It’s easily understandable: signs and logos have been the writings and the images that we see everywhere and more often. They represent the symbols of many sides of our life: commerce, common taste, leisure, advertising. Their presence is often overwhelming, and they shape our image of the places where we live.

Since the invention of the neon sign, in the 1910s France, these colored lights aggressively shine on our streets; they try – and succeed – to fascinate us, saying “come on (and buy!)”.

Places in Second Life don’t escape that, so, I shared Walker Evans’ obsession for neon lights and signs and for the shining streets they make appear to us.


Special Exhibition Space


December 22, 2021 – January 19, 2022