About the Artists

Rule Binder

Rule’s Second Life began back in 2007 when he logged on for the first time after reading an article about it. It proved to be more amazing than he had ever imagined. Over the years he has tried to find ways to satisfy his creative urge, starting first with finding a home and decorating it, then moving on to building his own home and furniture and finally opening his own store and selling furniture. He quickly learned that running a store took up all of his time and that was the end of that.

Rule’s next interest became role play. He has always had a love affair with language and RP provided a challenging outlet. Just last year he discovered SL photography and Flickr. Photography has become his new obsession. Rule does virtually no post-processing of his photos because he doesn’t have the software and no knowledge of how to use it anyway. He recently began playing around in PhotoScape X a little, but really pretty much only uses it to crop the occasional photo or add a lens flare. For the most part, his images are raw and straight from the camera.

Jeanie (jeanienabottle)

Jeanie began her SL photography just over 2 years ago. She enjoys it as a hobby and as a form of expression. Since then, she has poured heart and soul into he work and into becoming part of the Second Life Art Community. After managing the Exploratorium of Art at FOCUS, she is now working as a manager at Art Korner Gallery. At Art Korner she enjoys creating immersive experiences for visitors.

Lalie Sorbet

French artist / photographer Lalie Sorbet lives and works between South India, on the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu and the South of France. She has this passion for creating images. She likes to explore all the possibilities of expression: artistic video or report for NGOs, 3D artistic director for video games, computer or real collages, watercolor painting, drawing, photography RL and SL, advertising. She likes to navigate between all these worlds, one enriching the other.


Art Korner Main Gallery


September 11 – October 05, 2021