Picks of the Month

The Second Life Grid® is full of beautiful places to explore. From dreamy lagoons to mystical castles, from serene beaches to awe-inspiring monuments, from mesmerizing meadows to fairy-tale forests – even the most dedicated explorer will never run out of places to explore.

Here, we pick some of the most photogenic places to explore inworld each month. Get your camera ready …


Garrigua is a region based on the South of France. If you are looking for a sunny and peaceful place to chill, this is the destination you should check out. You can hang out and have coffee on the terrace, or explore the region and take pictures. The region provides ample opportunities for photography and exploration.

Iona Shores

Iona Shores is a region which takes us closer to nature and the sea. Explore its numerous paths and scenic bridges as you travel here. Photographers will surely have a gala time here as they will be surely tempted to click numerous snapshots of the natural beauty on display. Please make sure you don’t trespass on the private parcel found here.


Kaïlanï can be best explained as a place between heaven and the ocean. It is a place that encourages you to hang out with friends and make new ones. The beach offers a chilled out environment to simply relax and soak up the tranquility. The entire location is full of photogenic spots, which make exploring this place a beautiful experience. You can wander around at the plaza or play a little game. Whatever you do, you will surely enjoy your time here!

Sandcastles by Cica Ghost

The latest build by Cica Ghost is nothing short of breathtaking. Featuring exquisite castles made out of sand, a journey through these lands is filled with magic, adventure and fun. Enjoy the quirky animations Cica offers at various spots throughout the build and be mesmerized by her rather cute characters. The snails are sure to make you smile on even the worst of days. Set under a sky full of stars, Sandcastles by Cica Ghost should be near the top of your list this month!


Although it is technically a role-play destination full of gladiators and magical djinn, Shadezar is also an extremely interesting opportunity for photographers and explorers who wish to broaden their horizons and visit some unique landscapes. Here, one can ride a camel down the Silk Road and enter the desert kingdom to unveil its many mysteries.


A sister region of Shadezar, Venesha is a role-play destination that offers a gothic interpretation of Venice, Italy – where fantasy meets reality. Being creations of a single creator, both builds can be easily accessed from the same skybox. Again, although it is a role-play destination, it is also a land where you can take a wide variety of pictures. Fantasy shots, landscapes, portraits, medieval imagery can all be captured here. Overall, an extremely entertaining location!

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Happy Exploring!