Picks of the Month

The Second Life Grid® is full of beautiful places to explore. From dreamy lagoons to mystical castles, from serene beaches to awe-inspiring monuments, from mesmerizing meadows to fairy-tale forests – even the most dedicated explorer will never run out of places to explore.

Here, we pick some of the most photogenic places to explore inworld each month. Get your camera ready …

Land of Lunaria

Land of Lunaria is a high fantasy magical realm that will fascinate any explorer who sets foot here. Enjoy the tranquil beaches, forests, ponds, channels, gardens, meadows, and more as you wander this sublime location.


Nelipot literally translates to “a person who loves to walk barefoot“. This is a place where you can reconnect with nature and all the beautiful flowers, plants and animals that form a part of it. This is a place you can explore to your heart’s content and let your mind wander.

Mni Wiconi

The tropical beauty of Mni Wiconi will stun you as you explore its sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and hidden waterfalls. With amazing waves for surfing, it is a picturesque setting for the perfect photos. Horseback riding, diving and many other activities are also possible here.

Hidden Bottle

Happiness, smiles and a great bottle of gin awaits you at Hidden Bottle. A region that comes complete with an overhead gondola, Hidden Bottle @ Gin is a place to relax, meditate or spend a beautiful time with your partner.


A post-apocalyptic landscape awaits you at this ghost town where you always need to be on the watch for the town’s creepy residents. Portocorvo is an amazing place to explore on foot. The opportunities for photography in this town are really unique.


The town of Coopersville has a natural woodsy setting with a touch of magic. It is a place to relax, recoup and forget about things for a while. Enjoy the music, take lots of pictures, cuddle up with that special someone.

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Happy Exploring!