Photo Contests

Photo contests play an important part in stimulating creativity and ingenuity among the photographers in a healthy way. However, it is not always easy for photographers to find such contests as each of them is organized by a different set of people. In an attempt to help people within our community to find such interesting photo contests, Art Korner has come up with a compiled database of Photo Contests on the grid.

Don’t see your photo contest below? Drop a notecard inworld to Frank Atisso with relevant details, your calling card and a poster (if available). We will get back to you shortly.

This database exists solely for the purpose of information. If you are interested in participating in any of the below contests, refer to their respective official channels for any change in rules as they might not be updated here.

Tulum Reserve 70K Photo Contest

The Tulum Reserve 70K Photo Contest will include ALL of Tulum – the Reserve and the Township!

Contest Dates

The Tulum Reserve 70K Photo Contest starts now and will continue till 11:59 pm on June 30th, 2021.


  1. Landscapes/Scenery/Wildlife : Images showing the landscapes, moods, views and details found in the Tulum Reserve.
  2. Activities/Action/Humor/Stories : Images depicting avatar activities, fun, stories while exploring Tulum Reserve.

Prizes for the Contest

For each Category

  • 1st Prize : L$20,000 + Portrait by Ethan Lane (darchitect) + Car of Choice by 777 Motors + L$500 Gift Card by Lucas Lameth
  • 2nd Prize : L$10,000 + L$500 Gift Card by 777 Motors + L$500 Gift Card by Lucas Lameth
  • 3rd Prize : L$5,000 + More

(More prizes to be announced shortly – check back!)

Teleports to Relevant Locations

Teleport – Tulum Reserve

Teleport – Tulum Reserve Township

Photo Contest Rules

  • Picture must be taken from May 5th toJune 30th 11:59 pm.
  • Picture must be taken at Tulum Reserve or Tulum Reserve Township.
  • Photos must include SLURL and be named Tulum Reserve Photocontest 70K – (Legacy Name)
  • Photos must be posted in the Flickr Group
  • 3 Entries per person per category (6 total) but only one picture per person will be awarded per category and prize
  • Kindly tag Ethan Lane (darchitect) and use #tulumreserve
  • From the picture, it must be obvious that it is taken in Tulum Reserve. There are teleporters; so you can use them to explore as well.
  • Safe content is preferred.
  • Have FUN!!

Note : You may rez items if you join the group secondlife:///app/group/5d12c067-899d-d2a8-94b5-2f133a5ddca6/about

Tulum Reserve Township currently has 2 homes available for rental – Details are on the Arrival Pavilion area.

Kindly contact Kaleb Jaymes (kalebjaymes) or Ethan Lane (darchitect) if you have any questions and enquiries.

Mousehole Photo Contest


  • Everyone is eligible to participate; you do not need to be a member of the Inworld Frogmore group (Frogmore Land Group includes all rights at Mousehole) although group membership does have perks and the group is always free to join. All Frogmore group members do have Rezz Rights for any items needed for your photo. Also, all contest announcements will be made in the Inworld group as well as in the FLICKR group
  • All photo entries must be taken at Mousehole on or after June 10th, 2021
  • Each contestant can have a maximum of two photos entered for this contest
  • Photos are encouraged to artistically show the amazing sim design of Mousehole. Although avatars are allowed in the photo, all photos must include some aspect of the region
  • Contest eligibility and any prizes awarded will require that you include Mousehole in your profile picks with a valid Landmark to the Mousehole region. No Exceptions. *This is only during the duration of our contest
  • All photos must be safe and with no nudity. The Mousehole region is Moderate and open to the public at all times
  • The contest will close promptly on Monday, July 26th, 2021


  • L$15,000 – Grande Prize
  • L$5,000 – Top Prize for Edited Photo
  • L$5,000 – Top Prize for Unedited Photo
  • L$2,500 – 2nd Prize Edited Photo
  • L$2,500 – 2nd Prize Unedited Photo

How to Submit:

  • All contest entries must be named correctly to be eligible. The format for naming your entry is as follows: Mousehole Photo Contest 2021 Entry 1 or Entry 2 (your name) (edited or non-edited)
  • You must include a valid second life name if your inworld name does not match your Flickr name. If the organizing team can not find you Inworld they will not consider you eligible for any prizes
  • If you do not see your photo in the group pool within 24 hours, please check your name format

If you have any questions about the format or any other queries please contact Tolla Crisp directly either on FLICKR or Inworld @TollaCrisp

Click HERE to visit the incredible Mousehole region

Best of Luck to all Participants!