About the Artists

Anja Neobookie

Anja is a Dutchie who likes to create, discover and explore her creativity inworld. She discovered the magic of creating photographs in SL and invites you to join her on her trip. Anja’s art is an attempt to create her own story as she walks through Second Life and experiences the world and dreams the surround us all. Her thoughts always turn into reflections of what she feel in both Worlds!

Tinker Drew

Tinker Drew is a US-based painter and designer in RL. Since her early days in SL, she has explored the photographic possibilities available, and with over 11 years of involvement in the virtual world, has developed her own unique style. What attracts Tinker to SL photography is the ability to easily manipulate different environments, to change lighting, angles and distance to reflect her vision. Then, taking what at first appears to be a mundane landscape photo, with post-processing work and her eye for design, she creates the mood and emotion that defines her photographic style.


Art Korner Main Gallery

Closing Date

December 28th, 2021