Legends by Seduce

Each of us faces challenges and obstacles we need to overcome and make our way through this path of life. Some challenges are huge while others are smaller. When someone goes up against a challenge that is almost impossible to beat and comes out a winner, they are declared to be masters. When they keep meeting such seemingly unsurmountable obstacles and keep winning each time, they become …. LEGENDS!

In this exhibit, you will meet many such legendary characters or even stories – tales of incredible bravery and courage from Roman History and Greek Mythology.

Click the vase below each artwork to learn more about it. Through fascinating stories brought to life by Seduce’s visually stunning images, this journey through history and mythology is designed to be an interesting, enlightening one.


Art Korner Gallery II

Open Till

August 10th, 2021

About the Artist

Seduce hails from France and is a creative person with an advertising background in RL. He finds fun and pleasure creating scenes in the wonderful playground that Second Life offers and loves adding some post processing work with Photoshop. He is a curious, adventurous traveler (with a great passion for Asia) and an insatiable History lover. He loves creating stories inspired by a films, books or reality, either in action, or subjective moves leading to what will come next and offering if possible emotions which mostly is the final key line in his search for creativity.

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