Latest Exhibitions

Through the Art Korner Exhibits HUD released by us every week, we invite you to explore the many different artistic exhibitions and installations inworld. Click on each image to receive a direct TP to that particular exhibit.

To get the Art Korner Exhibits HUD every week, please join our inworld group by pasting the following code into local chat: secondlife:///app/group/e0e5060f-202d-3080-050f-f93f79beb4b5/about

Alternatively, if you are out of group space, visit our INWORLD GALLERY and subscribe using our inworld Subscribo to get the HUD every week!

NoteExhibits at some of these galleries may contain nudity/sexual material. Readers are advised to visit at their own discretion.

The exhibitions featured above have all opened within the past week. We try our best to search through a number of groups to try and find exhibitions.

Drop in a Notecard to Frank Atisso inworld with details about your exhibition to make sure it gets featured on our HUD.