As photographers, we pay a great deal of attention to light, and for good reason. Light is the basis of all photography – and impacts what we see, and how we see it!

But while we focus a great deal on light, darkness – the absence of light, is often overlooked. This is unfortunate since darkness – and shadows are important as well. The play between light and dark and the contrast between different shades of light can have a significant impact on a composition and the moods it evokes in a viewer.

“Fade to Black” by Fredizzle Brown embraces the world of darkness and shadows. His portraits and avatar studies are proof of the fact that sometimes, it is not the presence but the absence of light that is required to portray a subject, an emotion or a mood in the perfect manner.

Set in a grungy urban/industrial setting, this exhibit takes us on a captivating journey through Fredizzle’s evocative art which, together with the environment, manages to keep you engaged till the very end.


Special Exhibition Space


Sept 02 – Sept 24, 2021

In Pictures