About the Exhibit (in the Artist’s Words)

While we were trying to come up with a title for this exhibition at Art Korner, Dido told me: “Miha, this exhibition is “YOU”.”

Yes, this exhibition is me. Me, the explorer in SL, who travels from light to dark, from color to monochrome, depending on the mood and moment.

Each of my works expresses a moment with a different mood. Sometimes visible and sometimes hidden. But do not try to look for hidden meanings and symbolism behind the images, because there is none.

All my images represent an aspect of me/show a part of who I am…

This exhibition is a seven-stop walk, as many as the gallery rooms. In each room I placed a small poem on the wall, most of them from Greek poets, but also a non-Greek one.

This is me: EGO ( “ΕΓΩ” in Greek means “I” )

My thanks goes to Frank for inviting me to exhibit in his gallery and of course to Dido for her valuable support.
Enjoy my exhibition!


Art Korner Gallery II


December 13, 2021 – January 10, 2022