About the Artist (in the words of CyberNorm)

As “Cyber” the Artist expresses her Imagination of the structured ways of a complex world in the form of calculated mathematical Cyberart of fractals. Fractals which are a Human invention to press the world in mathematical norms to control them.

As “Norm” the RL relation of the Artist expresses Brush on Canvas created paintings in parallel. Playful political topics are displayed in figurative Art. Politics that strive to the same kind of control and normation of the world.

But reality has no boundaries that are suggested by the norms. In confrontation alternative truths develop that cause friction. Energies in form of provocation or creative search for being different. A war between Wishful thinking and reality.

Don’t we all want to break out from the normated pictures we invent?

The Artist tries to express it in the paintings.

About the Normndl1971

Degree in Computer Science. Traveler in the world of Arts from 2012 on. Started from drive to escape from RL problems.
Craftmanship learned by British, Swiss and German influences.

Works have been exhibited in a variety of exhibition in Düsseldorf Germany between 2018 and 2020. Single exhibition as well as in teams.


Art Korner Main Gallery

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February 2nd, 2022