Classes and Workshops

Photography in Second Life® might seems like a challenging task for one who is new to it. Just looking at the amazing pictures on Flickr might bring one to wonder “How could I create something like that?” Here, we present to you some of the best places inworld to learn the art of photography which will get you started on the way to becoming a master.

Visionaire Institute

Visionaire Institute is one of the most reputed photography schools. They provide an SL Photography Certification course which is held in high esteem. This certification course includes ten sessions of three hours each, which give you a deeper insight within the world of SL photography. This institute is perfect for residents who have been taking snapshots as a hobby but wish to take their photography to the next level. Visit their inworld HQ for more details.

Kent Photography

Kent Nowicka is a master photographer with over ten years of experience in SL photography. He specializes in profile pics, portraits, wedding shoots, and couple photos. A chance to learn photography from a master like him is not to be missed. He conducts a free composition class sponsored by FOCUS Magazine for anyone who wants to be more confident at taking better photos. Contact him inworld for more information and enrollment.