About the Artists

Syn Huntress

Syn is a photographer/artist who is relatively new to the scene. She sees photography as a creative outlet to express all sides of her crazy self. She is pretty much an open book, waiting to be read. Through a set of beautiful images, Syn brings her art to life in an evocative display.

Alexandro Hurricane

Our eyes can see and not notice. Then Alexandro takes his camera and tries to look at everything, getting better at actually noticing the nuances and details in different things. Every image in his exhibit is a story about the things that surround us. When you look at one of his images, you will be able to see the subject exactly the way he saw it. The photography makes you feel something.

Apollo Scribe

Apollo Scribe is a Hungarian SL Photographer for more than ten years now. His images are usually untouched snapshots from SL. He devotes a lot of time and attention to make the lighting, contrast and other elements balance within the viewer itself. For this display at Art Korner, he has created a number of works focusing on deliberate overexposure of a subject and the vast variety of moods it can evoke in the minds of viewers.

Carisa Franizzi

Carisa describes herself as the oldest newbie in SL, as she doesn’t know much other than shopping. However, one thing she DOES know is photography. Cari started taking photos a couple of years ago and by now, it has become almost an addiction for her. In the display at Art Korner, she attempts to show the broad scope of her work and in particular, a number of amazing landscapes.

Blayze Benoir

Blayze has always had in interest in photography but never really took it seriously until November 2020 when another photographer encouraged her to take more photographs and build a following on Flickr. So Blayze got to work and started to create new images; people started to like her work and now 8 months later she has over 1.4k followers. In her exhibit at Art Korner, she takes us into a black and white world that truly defines her work.


Art Korner Main Gallery


August 07 – September 08, 2021

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