Art Projects

Hand by Bryn Oh

Hand by Bryn Oh is a new and engaging narrative that is sure to leave you fascinated. We follow this story through the eyes of Flutter, a young girl who returns home with something special in her suitcase. The world of this story unfolds through her conversations with the hand of a mannequin in a shop window. Visit this installation for a most engaging journey.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth

This themed island at Foul Whisperings, Strange matters explores a classic 17th century Shakespearean tragedy in a 21st Century virtual world. Built by a dedicated team of really talented artists such as Adam Nash, this project offers a really fascinating experience in a media-rich environment as we tread along the path of Macbeth.

the GBTH Project

The GBTH Project is an SL-based experimental arts space consisting of 8+ dedicated gallery spaces. To GBTH (Grab By The Horns) is to take courageous initiative in guiding the boundlessness of artistry, making the conceptual tangible. And this project stands true to its name. Here they facilitate artists and makers alike to actualize installation, photographic, sculptural, and community-based works.

Alpha Tribe Tomorrow

A tribe of fat cats, robotic administrators, cats playing poker, teddy bears having a picnic, flute players and so many other characters are the life of this art installation. Alpha Tribe Tomorrow unfolds progressively as you move from the region entrance to an archipelago of islands upon which these characters are placed.

Walls of Freedom

Based on a book by the same name, Walls of Freedom portrays the first three years of the Egyptian Revolution which began on January 25, 2011. The story is told through striking images of art which transformed Egyptian walls into a visual testimony of bravery and resistance. This is an amazing build where fiction meets nonfiction.


Arkon is an awe-inspiring installation which is all about lights and the power of lighting within SL. It consist of various kinds of lighting effects, lights, works of art, cozy places, planets, stars, angels, lighted butterflies and so much more. The installations glitters and dazzles in lights and is definitely worth a visit.

Peace is a Choice Gallery

This sleek modern-looking building forms the center of the Peace is a Choice Gallery. This gallery forms an amazing art display of some of the finest 2D and 3D art, sculptures and installations you will ever come across. Founded and curated by Dove, the art display at Peace is a Choice Gallery will leave you amazed at the creativity. The works on display have been collected or gifted over a period of more than 10 years. This artwork which is too large to exhibit indoors has been displayed outdoors, so do not forget to walk around a bit.

ArtSpace UTSA

ArtSpace UTSA is an art gallery located on the virtual campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. This space houses exhibits from various artists on a rotational basis roughly every other month. Some of the most stunning art installations can be found here.