Art Korner Gallery

The galleries at Art Korner are geared towards our primary objective of promoting art and creativity inworld.

Our Main Gallery features exhibits by a number of different artists each month, some new and others well-established. Along with this, at Gallery II, we will have a special expo of mostly unpublished work each month by some incredible artists and photographers.

At our Special Exhibition Space we create immersive exhibits which reflect the unique characteristics of an artist’s work in an environment designed to complement the imagery.

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Now Showing at Art Korner

Shades of Eo by Eoleon Elcano

Where : Special Exhibition Space

When : Till October 25th

Tiya Aura’s VISAGE

Where : Art Korner Gallery II

When : Till October 12th

Octoebr 2021 Exhibitions

Where : Art Korner Main Gallery

When : Till November 4th, 2021