Art Galleries

Kultivate Galleries

The Kultivate Sim is an art lover’s paradise. The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge Gallery, the Kultivate Select Gallery, the Kultivate Signature Gallery and the Loft Gallery are all galleries which are updated monthly with different artists, both new and established, spanning various art genres showcasing their work. Along with these galleries, the streets are lined with numerous shops selling art work of different artists. The Mad Mare Pub and Ristorante Kandela are also available on the Kultivate Sim to unwind.

Kondor Art Center

The Kondor Art Center is a place in Second Life® dedicated to Art in general, and to RL and SL Photographic Art, and digital art. The Kondor Art Center Main Gallery, Beyond Time and Space Art Gallery, the Kondor Art Garden, Kondor White Gallery and two Photo Galleries makes this an absolute must-visit for an art lover. Here, you will find RL and SL artists displaying some of the most brilliant pieces of art you will come across.

Dixmix Gallery

One of the oldest and most well-known galleries in SL, Dixmix Gallery is a creative place dedicated to promoting and encouraging art, photography and music. The gallery building is elegant and modern. Designed by Megan Prumier and curated by Dixmix Source, the gallery houses three exhibits – one featuring Dixmix’s art work and the other two housing some magnificent pieces of art by guest artists.

The Janus Gallery

The Janus Gallery is named after the Roman God of new beginnings, transitions, doorways and time. The Gallery envisions a new era of art while also keeping in touch with the roots from which it emerges. The Janus Gallery houses three artists each month in its three buildings on the Sinful Retreat sim. Curated and owned by Chuck Clip, the Janus Gallery strives to make a cohesive environment out of the many styles and personalities of the artists who display their work here.

Raven Crag Art Center

Raven Crag Art Center promotes art within Second Life® through free temporary exhibits of both new and established artists on a monthly basis. The exhibitions for each month have a unique theme, making the Raven Crag Art Center a place to explore different genres and styles. The center also imparts knowledge about the history, practice, and methods of art in Second Life®.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Sitting atop a steep mountain peak, housed in a fairy-tale castle and guarded by a fire-breathing dragon, the Lost Unicorn Gallery is the place to marvel at Fantasy artwork. The front room of the Gallery showcases the work of a different artist each month. The artists exhibiting in other rooms change on a rotational basis every 2-3 months. Visit this fantasy-themed gallery and be amazed at the gorgeous pictures within the castle walls.

Nitroglobus Gallery

Curated and owned by Dido Haas, Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is an art gallery in Second Life® that has exhibitions and installations of both emerging and well-known artists. Each month, the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery houses an exhibit by a guest artist. The exhibit is intricately designed and is a must-visit each month. Another section of the gallery showcases Dido’s own work, mostly portraits and pictures of her avatar taken over the years.

United Artists of SL

United Artists of SL (UASL) is a relaxed group of artists that encourages people to use their imagination to learn different ways of creating art. They collaborate with and support artist groups, galleries and events within SL. The 2D Free-to-Enter Exhibits, the UASL Gardens, the Palace and other small spaces provide emerging artists with areas to exhibit their work.

Love & Love Art Gallery

Curated by Bohemio Love, this cheerful and bright art gallery houses several magnificent art installations and exhibitions within its premises. Apart from the two exhibitions on the ground level, other exhibitions can be accessed via a teleporter. This gallery promises to delight and fascinate anyone with a keen interest in art.

Lundy Art Gallery

Lundy Art Gallery is a place where you will find a diverse collection of works by numerous artists in Second Life®. Managed and owned by Lee1 Olsen, Lundy Art often showcases artists who have joined the art world recently and provides a platform for them to showcase their work and carve out a name for themselves. The sheer volume of art on display in this gallery will leave you amazed as you enter. Each month, Lundy Art Gallery houses exhibits by two amazing artists.

Rainbow Painters Gallery

This incredible gallery, curated and owned by Timo and Patience Dumpling, features some really outstanding artwork from emerging as well as established artists. Every six to eight weeks, a new round of exhibits is on display with a different theme.

The Eye Arts

The Eye Arts consists of two galleries one in front of the other. One of the galleries is a static exhibit of some beautiful Real Life artwork by the owner and manager, Wan Laryukov. The opposite building is devoted to RL and SL artists showcasing their work on a rotational basis. The Eye Arts hopes to show works by their artists to the broader community.


ArtCare is a gallery of visual art by Carelyna (curator) and friends including a grid class tribute to Vincent Van Gogh. Here, you can also find a particle and media studio for Venus Adored and Kurk Mumfuzz. This is a gallery for those looking for new places to take their art.

The Galleries

The Galleries is a place which showcases art by RL and SL artists. A large number of artists exhibit here in various rooms. The gallery is curated by Ernie Farstrider, a passionate lover of the arts, who also organizes some really interesting art showings once in a while.

IMAGO Art Gallery

Imago Art Gallery, owned and curated by Mareea Farrasco, is located in a skybox above the photographer’s paradise IMAGOLand. Mareea curates the gallery with great care and features some truly incredible artists.

RIBONG Gallery

Ribong Gallery has dedicate itself to the promotion and exhibition of Contemporary Art in the Second Life® virtual world. This flexible space, created and managed by San (santoshima), hosts a series of thought-provoking contemporary art exhibitions and has featured the works of many emerging as well as prominent artists. At the landing point you find teleporters which lead you to the exhibits.

Art Gallery Rill’Arts

Rill’Arts is a gallery curated and owned by Nils Urqhart, who is a French landscape photographer in RL. He mainly takes his photographs in the French Alps and some other French mountains, showcasing them in their full glory. Guest photographers are also invited to exhibit their work on Level Three of this small, but most pleasing photo gallery.

The Itakos Project

The creator and artistic director of the Itakos Project, Akim Alonzo, has created a huge complex dedicated to art. This mammoth project houses five galleries, a small garden and the Matrix Art Club. If you are an art lover, a visit to the Itakos Project will definitely leave you spellbound.