Art Galleries

Art Galleries in SL provide incredible opportunities for artists to explore their creativity and imagination through exhibitions. Here are some of the most prominent galleries in SL which are dedicated to promoting art and artists in SL by displaying several outstanding exhibits.

Note: Exhibits at some of these galleries may contain nudity/sexual material. Readers are advised to visit at their own discretion.

The Janus Gallery
IMAGO Art Gallery
La Maison d’Aneli
Dixmix Gallery
The Galleries @ Cafe Musique
Onceagain Art Gallery
Konecta Art
Rainbow Painters Gallery
Love & Love Art Gallery
The Eye Arts
Michiel Bechir Gallery
Selen’s Gallery
Amanda T Tamatzui Art Gallery
art miLL Gallery
Nitroglobus Roof Gallery
Kondor Art Center
The Carbone Gallery
ArtCare Gallery
Twisted Gallery
Lundy Art Gallery & Museum
Limoncello Gallery
Kuidvis Art Space
Ishy Gallery
United Artists of SL
Vibes Art Gallery
Itakos Project
Elven Falls Art Collective
Gallery Rill’Arts
The Lost Unicorn Gallery
Holst & Holst Art Gallery

Don’t see your gallery above? Contact Frank Atisso inworld to add it to our list.