Advertising Packages

Having logged a traffic of more than 3000 views in the month of April, Art Korner offers a great opportunity for brands and businesses seeking to extend their reach to a large audience. We offer several exciting packages for brands looking to advertise with us.

Contact Frank Atisso inworld for bookings or for any other info

Advertisements – L$1,200/month

What You Get

  • An Advertisement on the Sidebar with a Link to your brand for a whole month (30 days)
  • Permanent Logo with Link to your brand on our “Donors and Sponsors” page
  • Advertisement at our inworld location

Sponsored Blog Article – L$2,000/article

What You Get

  • One Sponsored Blog Article on a day and date of your choosing
  • Post will be pinned to the top of the blog feed for a week, thus giving you better visibility
  • Permanent Logo with Link to your brand on our “Donors and Sponsors” page
  • Advertisement at our inworld location
  • Special Advertising during Events at Art Korner

For Sponsored Blog Articles, we only accept brands/businesses that fit in with the theme/content on our blog. Brands and Businesses that fall under this category include:

  • Photography-related stores (poses, backdrops, HUDs etc)
  • Art galleries/exhibitions
  • Photogenic sims (clubs/rentals/stores located in scenic locations are welcome)
  • Anything related to dance, theater, building, writing, poetry and other creative activities
  • Sailing, cycling, golf or any other sports
  • Well-designed roleplay sims

The trust of our readers is most important to us, so we only collaborate with brands we feel comfortable promoting or endorsing. We publish at most one sponsored blog post each week. The post will be written by us and sent for review. however, the right to final edit remains ours.

Once you have confirmed your interest in collaborating with us for a blog post by making the payment, we will provide you with a confirmation of the same and provide you with a timeline. You will be able to choose the day and date for your post within a particular week.

Limited Time Offer : Get an Advertisement for a whole month along with a Sponsored Blog Article for just L$2500!

For more information, please contact Frank Atisso inworld