About Us

Art Korner SL is one of the fastest-growing blogs related to art and photography in the Second Life® virtual world. In the month of April alone, we have received more than 3,000 views (averaging more than 100 per day). The popularity of Art Korner continues to grow as we expand our reach by undertaking new initiatives.

We have compiled the Art Korner Events Calendar and databases of Art Galleries and Art Projects inworld for the benefit of artists, photographers and art lovers, who can obtain information about various galleries and Art-related Events happening in one single location. We also have a database of Photo Contests to help out photographers looking to participate.

On April 19th, 2021, we launched our first issue of the Art Korner Weekly, a weekly newsletter giving compact information about all the happenings in the Art world to our readers.

At our newly constructed Art Korner Blog & Gallery inworld, residents can obtain information about the latest happenings in art and photography, and also discover several interesting places to explore. Our articles can be browsed through in the form of small booklets, which visitors can take home as a souvenir. All relevant landmarks and links are also available here. We also have an interesting art collection on display.