Photo Contest : ::: ESKOL:::

Head over to Eskol, click a photograph at one of the six photo booths placed there and send it in as given below. You could end up winning a prize of L$5,000!

Contest Rules

  • Each contestant can submit maximum TWO ARTWORKS before January 1st, 2022.
  • The pictures HAVE TO BE MADE in one of the 6 photo Booths, situated at the landmark given here. So just pick one booth and go ahead!
  • Use the following Teleport to reach the booths –
  • Editing of the image is left up to the photographer. You can use any program you want to do it.
  • Submit your work or works to this e-mail and write your SL Name in there:
  • DO NOT SEND IN WORLD or Facebook or the work will be disqualified


After January 1st, all the works will be exhibited at ESKOL for 1 month and rated by the jury composed of:

Prize and Announcement

Only ONE PRIZE WINNER who will be decided by the judging panel, will receive a prize of L$5,000.

The winner will be announced during January on ESKOL groups, InWorld and Facebook:

Please reach out to Morlĭ (morlita.quan) inworld for any queries.