Photo Contest : Isle of Wyrms

Isle of Wyrms – the community built around the Dragon Avatars of Daryth Kennedy – has come up with a new photo contest with total prizes worth L$6,000 along with gifts!


  • Setup starts Sunday, August 1st and ends 9pm SLT, Monday, August 16th.
  • Setup Location:
  • Voting begins 10:00 pm August 16th and concludes Saturday, August 28th during our dance celebration where winners will be announced and prizes given

What you can enter into the contest

One photo taken by you that is appropriate for a General rated sim. You can use windlights, filters and other camera features and Photoshop type features, as long as everything is your work.

For Example:

Standing in front of beautiful scenery, using windlight and adding a starburst – YES

Taking an image from the internet to use as a background of a pic you took – NO

No adult art, nude, porn or violence. The museum is located on a G rated sim.

How the textures can be added

  • Canvases are given out on a first come first serve basis. The center circles will be filled first and if there is enough demand for more easels the perimeter will be used and additional easels will be added.
  • Star (astarrynite) will be available as much as possible during setup for you so your texture can be added to the 1.5 x 1.5 canvas.

What is needed from you

A No Copy / No Mod / No Transfer Texture to add to the canvas. Star (astarrynite) will sell the canvas back to you for L$0 at the end of the Contest. The Texture needs 2 things on it:

  • Your Name
  • The Name of your photograph

During the setup if you do not see an open canvas please message Star (astarrynite) and if there is room available, one will be added for you.


Vote by Tip Jar

  • 1st Prize – L$1500
  • 2nd Prize – L$1000
  • 3rd prize – L$500

Honorable Mention Gift

Judges Vote

  • 1st Prize – L$1500
  • 2nd Prize – L$1000
  • 3rd prize – L$500

Honorable Mention Gift

Winners will be notified at the Party on the 28th, by message & notecard and announcements will be in the group notices of Small Talk, Isle of Wyrms Citizens and in the SL Art Gallery Group.

There will be a door prize for everyone.

Questions? Please contact star (astarrynite) inworld


  • Terry’s Place – Ninja
  • Birch Wolves Gallery

Gift Sponsors

  • Grendel’s Children
  • Flying Arts
  • Ye Olde Panda Panda

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