Bee Scene Flowers and Flutters Photo Contest

Welcome to the latest edition of the Bee Scene Flowers and Flutters Photo Contest – one which focuses on the wide breadth of stunning flowers and the bees, bugs, birds and butterflies found in gardens across the grid.

Hello and welcome along to the Bee Scene Flowers and Flutters Photo Contest! As we head in to the long, hot days of waning summer, this contest allows us to take one last look at the amazing Flowers and Flutters of Summer in Second Life. Anyone fancy making a Monet?

Bee Scene Contest Group :


  • Grand Prize (Top Award) – L$3000
  • 2nd Place Award – L$1500
  • 3rd Place Award – L$1000
  • BONUS Award for Photo Taken at Frogmore/Mousehole regions – L$1000


  • All Bee Scene members are eligible to participate. Contest beings July 29th and ends promptly on Monday, 23 August.
  • The contest theme is Flowers and Flutters. Show all the incredible colors of Second Life found in the Landscape and Decor details in all things Flowers and Fluttering. Avatars are permitted but they should not be the focus of your photo. No nudity. Safe photos only.
  • Each contestant can have 2 Photos entered in the contest.
  • Photo can be taken any where (any sim) in SL, but it must clearly be a SL image (no RL). Special bonus award category for Frogmore of Mousehole Regions of course.
  • Photos must be named in context (Bee Scene Flowers and Flutters Photo Contest Entry 1 or 2). Please include your inworld name so we can find you.
  • No other rules! That’s it! Just snap away and post to Bee Scene Contest group to be seen!

If you have any questions or queries please contact Tolla Crisp directly either on FLICKR or Inworld @TollaCrisp

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