Frogmore Photo Contest : All About Details

Welcome to the Flash Frogmore Photo Contest, which is all about capturing the hidden treasures at the Frogmore region! Prizes worth L$9K to be won!

This contest begins on Friday, July 16th and ends promptly on Monday July 26th. This contest is all about the details! So let’s get started and capture the hidden details at Frogmore!

Very important: No Landscapes and No avatars please.

Entry and Administration Rules

  • Everyone is eligible to participate; you do not need to be a member of the inworld Frogmore group although members of our group do have rezz rights. Also, all contest announcements will be made in the Inworld group as well as on FLICKR
  • All photo entries must be taken at Frogmore Region on or after July 16th, 2021.
  • Each contestant can have a maximum of 2 photos entered for this contest.
  • Photos should include the hidden details of Frogmore and nothing is too small.
  • Contest eligibility and any prizes awarded will require that you include Frogmore in your profile picks with a valid Landmark to our sim. No Exceptions. ***This is only during the duration of our contest***
  • All photos must be safe. No nudity. Our sim is Moderate and open to the public at all times.
  • As Frogmore is a Moderate sim we do expect that all of contest participants will follow any and all rules included in covenant. Please be sure you read it carefully.
  • Our contest closes promptly on Monday, July 26th


  • 1st Place – L$5,000
  • 2nd Place – L$2,500
  • 3rd Place – L$1,500

How to Submit

All entries must be submitted to our FLICKR group.

All contest entries must be named correctly to be eligible. The format for naming your entry is as follows: Frogmore Photo Contest July 2021 Entry 1 or Entry 2 (your name)

You must include a valid second life name if your inworld name does not match your Flickr name. If we can not find you Inworld we will not consider you eligible for any prizes.

All entries not named correctly will be rejected and we will not chase people around to ask you to please rename your entry. The entry portal will be checked at least twice each day; if you do not see your photo in our contest group pool within 24 hours of posting you might want to check your photo name format.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Tolla directly either on FLICKR or Inworld @TollaCrisp.

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