Photo Contest : Beauty of Thirlmere

Welcome to beautiful Thirlmere – a fantastical recreation of the RL English Lake District that is dedicated to beauty and community. And they have a new, exciting photo contest!

Purpose of the Contest

  • Attract people to enjoy Thirlmere, including the shop, Wythburn, Wythburn Village, and the surrounding land.
  • Provide photos which display the character and beauty of Thrilmere for use in ads and other promotions.


  • L$10,000 – First Prize
  • L$5,000 – Second Prize
  • L$3,000 – Third Prize


  • By entering you agree that your attributed image may be used to promote the sim.
  • All photos must be submitted full perm on a Thirlmere Photo Contest notecard.
  • All photo contest submissions must be taken at Thirlmere.
  • You may process your photo outside of SL. However, composite images will not be considered.
  • Photos may be G, PG, or PG13. Full frontal nudity or other R or X rating photos will not be considered.
  • The contest will close on July 31st, 2021. Please submit your entries before the closing date.


  • All entries MUST be submitted on a notecard which you will obtain at the following location :
  • Only ONE notecard will be accepted per contestant
  • Three (maximum) photos submitted on the notecard.
  • ALL entries MUST BE FULL PERM textures.
  • All entry notecards MUST be placed in the CHEST at the contest booth. While standing at the contest booth, locate your Contest notecard in inventory. Drag the notecard onto the CHEST.


  • Sethos Lionheart, owner of Thirlmere and Wythburn, is solely responsible for judging and decisions.
  • Winners will be announced at a party on Saturday, August 7th at 10am SLT and will be published in Focus Magazine.

Further instructions are available in the contest entry notecard, which is available at the contest booth.

Taxi to Contest Booth : TELEPORT

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sethos Lionheart.

Tip : At the contest booth, you will also find a notecard with LMs to various places within Thirlmere.