Artist’s Choice at the Rainbow Painters Gallery

It’s the Artist’s Choice at the Rainbow Painters Gallery! Visit this incredible exhibition in which a number of artists put up a spectacular display of their own works.

The Rainbow Painters is a gallery which I always love to visit. The sheer number of artists and the wide variety of art exhibited at each round of exhibits at this gallery is awe-inspiring. The lovely couple who own the gallery, Timo and Patience Dumpling, are ever-ready to help both artists and visitors alike. They have always believed in providing a safe space for artists to exhibit their works and continue to do so even today.

Every 6 to 8 weeks, the Rainbow Painters Gallery hosts a brand new themed display. During my last visit, I was greeted by a marvelous exhibition centered around the theme of “music, dance and movement“. It was really delightful to see a number of artists together, each of them exploring a different aspect, sharing a different view or showing a different side of the central theme.

Jennifer Steele – Rainbow Painters Gallery

This time around, Timo and Patience have left it up to the artists to determine what they wish to showcase, with the open-ended theme being “Artists’ Choice“. This has given each artist freedom to display some of their best or characteristic works that define them. With almost 40 artists participating, this exhibit opened with a grand party on Saturday June 26th with singer Velvet Rose gracing the stage with an amazing performance.

The Rainbow Painters Gallery consists of two levels, each of them filled with artworks by a number of different artists. Along with 2D art, Timo and Patience also encourage 3D artists to display their work. In this exhibit, visitors will also be able to view some beautiful artistic installations. The Rainbow Painters offers a select few artists their own areas to design and furnish as they wish, towards the ends of the gallery.

London Junkers – Rainbow Painters Gallery

On the lower level, these areas have been occupied by London Junkers and Jennifer Steele, both featuring their own unique style of art. Jennifer has a stunning display of her abstracts, brimming with vibrant colors; while London has created an artistic installation, titled “Devenir“, that is accompanied by a poem going by the same name, written by him.

ZackHerrMann – Rainbow Painters Gallery

The third such area lies on the upper level and has been occupied by ZackHerrMann. “Linda Cluster: The Velvet Room” is of course an exhibition centered around Zack’s own character Linda Cluster – one he has been creating since a long time and which has found a following of its own in Second Life as well.

Apart from these areas, one can find a number of amazing artists, both established and emerging, exhibiting their works here. The Rainbow Painters is a marvelous place to discover the work of some new artists. Many artists who are today well-known on the grid have had their first exhibitions here.

One of the artists most visitors will discover for the first time during this round of exhibition at Rainbow Painters is perhaps AmandaT Tamatzui. Based in New Zealand, Amanda is not really new to exhibiting in SL, but she has returned to this world after a long break away. We hope to see more exhibitions from her in the coming months not just here but at other galleries on the grid as well.

Yann Gyro – Rainbow Painters Gallery

Viktor Savior, Eta Mae, Nils Urqhart, Jennifer Steele, Zia Branner, Sandi Peterson – the list of well-recognized artists exhibiting at The Rainbow Painters Gallery is endless. But perhaps the addition that I found most exciting was Forbidden Games – an installation on the upper level by Yann Gyro. Timo is always extending portions of his gallery to accommodate artists and so, for Yann’s small installation, he extended a part of his gallery to give it more depth and more room.

While this exhibition continues, the Rainbow Painters Gallery is inviting entries for its next round, which is centered around a Black and White theme. All artists and photographers who wish to be a part of this round should contact Patience Dumpling (patience.roxley), who will definitely be happy to assist you.

Until then, stroll through the Rainbow Painters Gallery and immerse yourself in the beauty of art and creativity. Click HERE to visit the Rainbow Painters Gallery inworld.