Art Korner Weekly : Mandala Magic, Visions of Spring and Much More

The fascinating magic created by mandalas, an artistic journey full of surprises and the art of Milena Carbone – all in this weekly newsletter.

Featured Exhibition

Mandala Magic” By Sheba Blitz

Before you visit this exhibition, it is necessary to know what a mandala actually is. As an art form, mandalas first appeared within Buddhist art in India around 2000 years ago. The mandala is basically a geometric pattern that is meant to represent wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself. In fact, in Tibetan Buddhism, a mandala offering is symbolic to offering the entire universe.

The art of creating mandalas is highly specialized and requires great skill and precision. Mandalas are also sometimes used as an aid in meditation to focus your attention. Even the slightest abnormality or lack of symmetry can cause a distraction in such cases; hence the making of mandalas is a skilled job which requires a really great artist. And when you look at Sheba Blitz’s work, you know instantly that she is one of them.

Sheba has created the spectacular mandalas displayed at this wonderful exhibition at UASL by hand. As you continue to view these beautiful works of art rich with Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, you instantly get the three feelings described in the tagline written above the mandalas – peace, love and joy.

Also Showing This Week

A Journey Through Art at La Maison d’Aneli

Take an artistic journey through several rooms, each occupied by a different artist who showcase their works in a spectacular manner. Artists Adwehe, Eylinea, DAK Amat, FlyKugin, NewFantasy, Senka Beck and Vita Theas participating in this grand exhibition!

A Third Carbone Gallery at Serena

A third Carbone Gallery has opened at the beautiful region of Serena and displays the stunning work of artist Milena Carbone in vibrant colors. The seaside location is unique and provides this gallery with captivating surroundings that are even perfect for a date.

Visions of Spring” by Nils Urqhart

A fascinating display by Nils Urqhart that immediately reminds us of everything spring is about – vibrant flowers, flowing streams, lush greenery and an abundance of nature, in general.

Cloaking Dreams” by Michael Nova

In his exhibit at Janus Gallery III, artist Michael Nova presents his artwork, rich in vibrant colors and emotions. Through this series of artworks, Michael explores the power of the subconscious mind, waking dreams and many more things which will make you pause and reflect upon your own experiences.

What’s New This Week

Call for Artists : Hopefest Creative Community

It’s getting close – Hopefest 2021! 4 Regions – 4 Communities – 5 Days Of Festival Fun!

The Hopefest Creative Community is still accepting entries from artists who are willing to donate upto 5 artworks which will be sold exclusively during the 5 days of Hopefest with all proceeds going towards charity.

More information available HERE

For any queries or more information, please contact FRANK ATISSO

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On the Blog This Week

We covered some exciting art exhibitions and scenic sims in the past week on our blog. Here is a brief look at them.

Treacle’s Walk of Art at Lawst Paradise

Explore this artistic installation that will leave you baffled by the amazing creativity displayed by Treacle Darlandes. The exhibits flow smoothly from one room to the next, making this an unforgettable experience.

New Folkvang : Land of the Vikings

Sturdy longships, mystical forests and an ancient throne awaits you in the land of the Vikings as you explore the fascinating landscape of New Folkvang.

An Inspiring Interview with Sina Souza

Having visited her amazing exhibition at Nitroglobus a few weeks back, I was really excited and pleased to chat with artist Sina Souza about her life, her process and her journey.

Coming Up Soon

The Rainbow Collection at Art Korner!

Timo and Patience Dumpling, owners of the amazing Rainbow Painters Gallery present a part of their diverse art collection for the first time at Art Korner!

Live Performance by Djembe Dragonfire!

Saturday June 5th @ 1 pm SLT

Marie de la Torre in Kondor White Gallery!

Enjoy the great talent of Marie de La Torre in her exhibition at the Kondor White Gallery.

Music by DJ Faye Hexem

Thursday June 3rd at 12 noon SLT

The Beauty of Moving Water at UASL

Join us for the opening of The Beauty of Moving Water by Nils Urqhart.

Wednesday, June 2nd @ 1 PM SLT

June 2021 Exhibition at Nitroglobus!

Opening party on Monday 7 June 2021 at 12 pm SLT

Music by Suzen Juel

More info will follow soon.

Milly Sharple Gallery Opening

BOSL Arts – Main Gallery show featuring Milly Sharple a fantastic fractal and digital artist.

Saturday June 5th @ 11:30 am SLT

Best of Flickr This Week

The Art Korner Flickr Group always contains some really wonderful additions by some of the most creative individuals. Some of them are established figures in the world of art while others are still starting off on their journey. This is where we highlight some incredible images from our Flickr group.

'Loyalté me lie'
Klaus Reinherz
Bah-Loc and Ceiloo: Infiltration
Exal Grut
Fake world
The Fallen
Kelsey Yuitza
218 BC… Hannibal Barca "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"
Elders Hollow  |   s u r r e n d e r
Faye Nightshade
Out of the Fog
Caron Loon

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