Art Korner Weekly : Kinds of Minimal, Visual Poetry and Much More

Exploring minimalism in the virtual world, a remarkable blend of art and poetry and the opening exhibition of a new gallery – all in this weekly newsletter.

Featured Exhibition

Kinds of Minimal” by Melusina Parkin

Melusina Parkin is a photographer in the virtual world who loves to tackle themes of solitude and isolation through minimalist works – images which contain barely anything in the frame but leave a massive impact on the viewer. “Kinds of Minimal” by Melusina Parkin is an exhibition where you will be able to witness first-hand the effect her beautifully-composed images can have on the viewer.

Melusina’s subjects include an armchair, a mirror, a running tap, an antenna TV and many other everyday, common objects. The simplicity in her works always fascinates me. With no other things to fall back on, her powerful image composition and effective use of color tones goes a long way in achieving the desired effect of isolating the subject from all distractions in a way that the viewer is able to really connect with it.

This remarkable exhibition is spread over the entire two stories of the elegant Desideratum Gallery. A visit here will be surely rewarding, giving you a chance to explore the various aspects of minimalism through Melusina’s beautiful images.

Also Showing This Week

Colors of Darkness” by Eli & Ladmilla Medier

Ladmilla Medier brings Eli’s beautiful poetry to life through her rather surreal images in this thought-provoking exhibition.

New Exhibits by Matt Thomson and Kimeu Korg

Kimeu Korg showcases some works depicting the life of his old character Muñeco on a beach along with Matt Thomson’s colorful, vibrant abstracts.

Golden” by Paola Mills

A collection of artist Paola Mills’ most representative self-portraits which interpret her emotions, moments and fantasies.

Artworks by Aruba DeCuir, Jaelle Faerye and Sabrina Cooke

Sabrina Cooke’s powerful portraits, an interesting depiction of animals by Jaelle Faerye and Aruba DeCuir’s beautiful collages shine in the opening exhibition of this endearing gallery.

What’s New This Week

Raglan Shire Art Walk Begins!

One of the oldest and largest art events in Second Life has started!

Art by more than 150 SL artists is located in 5 of the 8 sims in the Raglan Shire sim cluster from May 16 – June 20, 2021.

Here is a map of the entire area and TPs to all relevant zones.

Freebies by Cherry Manga!

As Cherry has left SL, artist Eupalinos Ugajin has rezzed the full perm ones he could find in his inventory in the SLEA Art Sandbox for those who missed them. Visitors can just click and buy them for no cost. Auto-return is set in the sandbox for Friday, so please do visit and get them before then.

Please do check the Terms of Use (notecard in the builds)

“This opensource creation is under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence. 

You can do whatever you wish with it, except sell it, or use parts of it in your creations you sell.

Play with it, don’t sell it! 

If you wish, you can tip me to help with uploads and land fees, thank you. 

Have fun with my creations,

Cherry Manga.”

On the Art Exhibits HUD This Week!

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On the Blog This Week

We covered a variety of art exhibitions as well as some scenic sims to explore in the past week. Here is a brief look at them.

Exploring the Brand New Kondor Art Square

A new space at the Kondor Art Center featuring an open-air exhibition, an art collection and a book store is something you definitely should not miss.

Hammifari Zoo-Palooza : The Savanna Grasslands of Africa

The wide range of wildlife found in the Savanna grasslands of Africa fascinated us as we explored this rich ecosystem and viewed the birds and animals in their natural habitats.

Twisted Gallery : Fractals, Skylines and Ghost Towns

Catch this fascinating display by Zane Farman, Jasmyn Roecastle and Cullum Writer at a new gallery located in the remarkable region of Twisted Paradise.

Coming Up Soon

Kondor Art Gallery

Thursday, May 20, at 1 pm SLT

Come, enjoy and celebrate the wonderful artworks of Thus Yootz!

Opening Party with music by DJ Rinoa Ireto

United Artists of SL

Join us for a special exhibit of The Pond by Chris Craft with a performance by Tsu!

Wednesday, May 19th @ 1 PM SLT

Best of Flickr This Week

The Art Korner Flickr Group always contains some really wonderful additions by some of the most creative individuals. Some of them are established figures in the world of art while others are still starting off on their journey. This is where we highlight some incredible images from our Flickr group.

Crash Landers
Lalie Sorbet SL
If I Could Be Where You Are
Evalyn Wunderlich
The Sea Symphonic Tales
Charly Keeley-Keating
The Night Reclaims a Soul...
Jeanette StellaMarina
Think Pink!
Whiskey Apple
Poughkeepsie III
Michiel Bechir

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