Art Korner Weekly : Life in Wine Country, Enivrez Vous and Much More

Dreamy springtime landscapes, a remarkable exhibition by Jennifer Steele and the art of black and white – all in this weekly newsletter.

Featured Exhibition

Life in Wine Country” by Jennifer Steele (Steele Wilder)

Jennifer Steele (inworld : Steele Wilder) is a Canadian artist who has exhibited her works at several galleries in both RL and SL. Having been an artist almost all her life, she has studied art all over the world, from the California coast to various locations in Europe. Initially, she was a realist painter, but after years of honing her own style, she realized that capturing the emotion of the scene, or the experience of it, was a much more satisfying journey. She paints in both oil and acrylic, but prefers to combine the two, oil over acrylic.

Her latest tour, “Life in Wine Country” is showing at Lundy Art Gallery & Museum for the month of May. In this tour, Jennifer explores one of the most beautiful regions in Ontario, Canada – the Niagara region, which is also famous as Ontario’s Wine Country. Over the course of several hikes and explorations of its remarkable wineries, she explores various aspects of life in this part of the world through her expressionist work exhibited at this gallery.

Along with each work of art, visitors can also find a few lines written by Jennifer herself, telling us a bit more about that particular piece, which makes a visit to this exhibition very informational. Apart from her paintings, you will also be able to see a diverse collection of Jennifer’s RL photography ranging from images of snow-covered landscapes to close-up food shots.

Read my full interview of Jennifer Steele before the launch of her 2021 Tour HERE

Also Showing This Week

Enivrez Vous by Tutsy Navarathna and Eupalinos Ugajin

This artistic installation by Tutsy Navarathna and Eupalinos Ugajin at La Maison d’Aneli consists of experiences around four different themes – food, wine, sex and poetry – which are triggered by entering their own respective spaces.

Quel Qu’un by Catherine Nikolaidis

Quel Qu’un” – translating to somebody or someone – is an incredible display of Catherine’s black and white self-portraits in her own characteristic style.

The Art of Black and White by Rachel Magic (larisalyn)

Rachel Magic uses contrast and lighting in an effective manner to create various moods in her exhibition of black and white SL images at the Kondor White Gallery.

Spring Art Show by Lori Bailey & Mathias Laurent

A fascinating display of springtime landscapes in SL by two accomplished landscape photographers – Lori Bailey and Mathias Laurent.

What’s New This Week

Posevent April-May Round Begins!

The latest round of Posevent opened its doors on April 27th and is a delight for photographers with exciting offers on poses, backdrops and many other things related to photography. With over 50 different creators participating, this new event is a must-visit for photographers!

Dates : April 27th to May 19th, 2021

Creators Participating : Sassy Sweet Poses, Poseable, Unholy Duality, Simply Divine, Darcio Poses, Angels Art Pose, R Poses, BW Stories, Belle Poses, Rose & Thorn Poses, Studioneiro, XO Animations, Pepper’s Poses, Inspiration, Lavarock Poses and MORE

On the Art Exhibits HUD this week

A new edition of the Art Korner Exhibits HUD is out! TPs to exhibits that have opened over the past week in a single wearable HUD!

Featuring on the HUD :

  • The Art of Vanessa Jane at Kultivate Signature Gallery
  • Overdose at IMAGO Gallery 3
  • Retrospective at Nitroglobus Gallery (Dido’s Part)
  • Enivrez Vous at La Maison d’Aneli
  • Life in Wine Country at Lundy Art Gallery
  • Quel Qu’un at Dixmix Gallery
  • Spring Art Show at Michiel Bechir Gallery
  • Spring Exhibition at Sisi Biedermann Gallery
  • The Art of Black and White at Kondor White Gallery

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Tulum Reserve Township Photo Contest – Entries Close May 4th!

Last couple of days to send in your entries to the Tulum Reserve Township Photo Contest! Contest ends at 11:59 pm SLT on May 4th!

A launch party for the Tulum Reserve Township will be held on May 5th from 7:30 – 9:30 pm and the prizes will be distributed during the party.

Read more about the contest HERE

On the Blog This Week

We covered a variety of art exhibitions as well as some scenic sims to explore in the past week. Here is a brief look at them.

Exhalt : A Wonderland with an Asian Touch

Forgotten monasteries, hidden caves and mythical creatures – all in this scenic region with a distinctive Asian influence.

The Stunning Landscapes of Vanessa Jane

Visit this exhibition at the Kultivate Signature Gallery and experience the beauty of the virtual world through the eyes of artist Vanessa Jane.

Exploring an Overdose with Traci Ultsch

Traci Ultsch’s latest exhibition at IMAGO Gallery 3 deals with the problems of drug addiction and overdosing while also making art more accessible to the community because of a new “Pay As You Feel” system in place.

Retrospective : The Return of Sina Souza

Artist Sina Souza has started creating once again and is back with a fresh exhibition in Dido’s part of the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Craggy Island : A Wee Bit of Ireland

Explore the scenic landscape of this small island straight out of a sitcom and get a glimpse into life in the Irish countryside.

Coming Up Soon

Here’s a quick overview of some interesting exhibitions coming up next week.

Angel’s Nest Art Gallery Opening

Angels’ Nest Art Gallery opens its doors for the first time presenting works by three incredible artists – Emeline Laks, Ella Pavlona, Alias Ayashi.

Friday May 7th Open Doors at 1 pm SLT

Live Performance by Khiron Ametza at 2 pm SLT

May Exhibition at Nitroglobus

Artist to be revealed this Thursday!

Opening Party on Sunday May 9th at 2 pm SLT

Music by DJ Ele (Electric Monday)

World Collage Day at Collage Gallery

To celebrate World Collage Day, an exhibition of Aruba DeCuir’s collages will be on display at the Collage Gallery starting Friday May 7th at 11:30 am SLT. There will be an initial 2 hours opening event.

On Saturday, artist Aruba DeCuir will be available at the Collage Gallery for interaction and conversation as much as possible in European time morning and afternoon. This exhibition will remain open till June.

If you would like your upcoming exhibition (opening between May 12th to 19th) to feature in next week’s issue, please send a full perm poster, landmark and relevant details in a Notecard to Frank Atisso by Sunday May 10th 11:59 pm.

Best of Flickr This Week

The Art Korner Flickr Group always contains some really wonderful additions by some of the most creative individuals. Some of them are established figures in the world of art while others are still starting off on their journey. This is where we highlight some incredible images from our Flickr group.

broken will never be the same
Evalyn Wunderlich
Quai des Brumes ...
Mareea Farrasco
Serenity ~ Bee Scene Still Life Contest Entry 1
Lori Bailey
Charly Keeley-Keating
Blayze Benoir
Home Skip Staheli
Damatjo Magic

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