Art Korner Weekly : Marginal mannerisms, a floating installation and much more

An impressive display of digital art, apartments designed by artists in their own unique style and the art of Duna Gant – all in this weekly newsletter.

Featured Exhibition

Marginal Mannerisms” by Bamboo Barnes

Bamboo Barnes is a master of digital art and amply proves her prowess once again in her latest exhibition at Dixmix Gallery. Her characteristic style of incorporating images made in SL into her works is once again seen in “Marginal Mannerisms“.

Mannerism, in the context of art, refers to a style which favors irrational settings, artificial colors and unclear subjects. It is a movement in which artists purposefully exaggerate characteristic features in their own work, thus developing a “maniera” (Italian for manner) of their own. This can be seen in Bamboo’s beautiful use of vivid colors and patterns superimposed on her SL images. As is often the case with good works of art, several interpretations can be made which vary quite a lot depending upon the viewer.

Visit this remarkable exhibition by Bamboo Barnes in the Amalfi room at the Dixmix Gallery and be mesmerized by her characteristic style.

Also Showing This Week

The Moonstruck by Meilo Minotaur

An impressive display by Meilo Minotaur which consists of an art exhibition as well as an incredible 3D art installation floating above.

The Art of Duna Gant

A series of beautiful landscapes that speak to the soul by artist Duna Gant along with Blue City – a 3D installation inspired by the dazzling lights of New York City at night.

Embrace Your Dreams by Gitu Aura

An exhibition of Gitu’s artwork in her own characteristic style using vivid colors, which will prompt any visitor to think and feel the emotions depicted in the art.


A fascinating collaborative art project where four completely different artists are each given a 40-prim limit to design and install their own individual apartments by letting their creativity flow freely.

What’s New This Week

Call for Artists – Raglan Shire ArtWalk

Raglan Shire’s 16th ArtWalk registration is now open! The ArtWalk is from Sunday May 16th until Sunday June 20th and is always a treat to visit each year.

For more info or to register, use the following link :

A Brand New Weekly HUD for Art Exhibitions!

Art Korner presents the first edition of our weekly Art Korner Exhibits HUD with TPs to all the exhibitions which have opened up on the grid within the past week.

This HUD can be obtained free of cost by visiting our Art Korner HQ inworld. Alternatively, to receive the HUD every Sunday, join our group by pasting the following URL in Local Chat : secondlife:///app/group/e0e5060f-202d-3080-050f-f93f79beb4b5/about

The HUD is very easy to use, but in case of any difficulties, please refer to instructions in this article :

Photo Contests with Exciting Prizes!

For all photographers out there, there are four exciting contests for you to join this week – Landscape Unlimited May 2021 Photo Contest, Tulum Reserve Township Photo Contest, N+K Shipyard Photo Contest and Whimberly 5th Anniversary Photo Contest.

Find more information about these contests in our compiled database of Photo Contests here :

On the Blog This Week

We covered a variety of art exhibitions as well as some scenic sims to explore in the past week. Here is a brief look at them.

La Vallée : In the Lap of the Mighty Alps

Explore the unspoiled beauty of a small village surrounded by snow-clad Alpine peaks at La Vallée, which also has a photo contest with some really exciting prizes.

Blue Period at The Galleries

The artists exhibiting at The Galleries put on a stunning display of art based on just a simple title given to them by the curator – “Blue Period“.

Cica Ghost creates Drawn Town again

Above her shop, Cica Ghost has created a miniature version of one of her own builds from 2019 – Drawn Town, giving us a chance to revisit her beautiful creation.

The Magical World of Black Kite

A breathtaking landscape coupled with a touch of magic makes Black Kite an incredible place to explore.

The Comic Art of Exal Grut at Kondor “Into the Future” Gallery

Exal Grut, a comic artist, weaves together an incredible tale full of adventure, fantasy and superheroes in an innovative exhibition “Hatari : Become the Danger” at Kondor Into the Future Gallery.

Coming Up Soon

Here’s a quick overview of some interesting exhibitions coming up next week.

Overdose by Traci Ultsch

Opening (with Music Mix from Traci)

12-1 pm SLT (ish) – Wednesday 28th April

IMAGO Gallery 3

New Exhibitions at La Maison D’Aneli

Wednesday April 28th, 2021
12:30 pm SLT/ 21:30 French Time

Tutsy Navarathna – Eupalinos Ugajin
“Enivrez vous”

Sempiternel aka Yann Gyro
Morlita Quan

with the kind participation of


Retrospective by Sina Souza

Opening Friday 30th April 12 pm SLT

Music by DJ hEiN

Special Exhibition by Sina Souza – “Retrospective” at Nitroglobus Gallery (Dido’s Part)!

Jennifer Steele – “Life in Wine Country” at Lundy Art

Exclusive showing of Jennifer Steele’s 2021 Tour – “Life in Wine Country” – at Lundy Art from May 2nd with an opening party.

1 pm SLT : Mavenn *LIVE*

2 pm SLT : Bsukmet Stormcrow

The Art of Black & White by Rachel Magic (Larisalyn)

This exhibition by Rachel Magic at Kondor White Gallery opens on April 30th at 2 pm SLT accompanied by the music of DJ Clearstone.

“QuelQu’un” by Catherine Nikolaidis

The Dixmix Gallery has a new exhibition by Catherine Nikolaidis opening on May 1st at 1 pm SLT with music by DJ Kastor Troy.

If you would like your upcoming exhibition (opening between May 4th to 11th) to feature in next week’s issue, please send a full perm poster, landmark and relevant details in a Notecard to Frank Atisso by Sunday May 2nd 11:59 pm.

Best of Flickr This Week

The Art Korner Flickr Group always contains some really wonderful additions by some of the most creative individuals. Some of them are established figures in the world of art while others are still starting off on their journey. This is where we highlight some incredible images from our Flickr group.

Rule Binder
pippa Laurie
These boots were made for walking...
Sia Snow
The Devil And The Deep
Evie Heights
Blayze Benoir
.fume of sighs.
Catherine Nikolaidis
Mystery Train (2) - La Vallée - Landscapes Unlimited 50K Contest - Entry 2
Alsatian Kidd

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