An Inworld Presence for Art Korner

At our newly constructed Art Korner HQ inworld, residents can obtain information about the latest happenings in art and photography, and also discover several interesting places to explore.

Art Korner has a brand new presence inworld! It is a great place where one can browse through our articles in the form of small booklets, which can even be taken home as a souvenir. All relevant landmarks and links to some of the most interesting places are also available.

The main building is divided into two sections – Art & Photography and Photogenic Sims. One can also receive Landmarks to a large number of art galleries here. Current and Past issues of our weekly newsletter – Art Korner Weekly – can also be found here!

The Art & Photography Section contains our latest articles related to art & photography in SL. One can browse through these articles in the form of small booklets and also receive landmarks to each of them. Our collection of Featured Exhibitions from our Weekly Newsletter can also be found here along with our Events Calendar, detailing all the art & photography related events happening inworld.

Visitors can click on each book to flip[ it open and browse through its contents. Click on the Landmark Giver below it to receive the Landmark for that particular location. You can also take home any of the books as souvenirs by buying them at no cost to you.

This Reading Room at our Art Korner HQ provides a space for artists, photographers and art lovers to relax and engage in healthy conversation. It also contains books with some of our most popular articles.

The Photogenic Sims Section contains a collection of some really interesting places for people who love to explore. This is where one can find some exciting, new places to explore on the grid. While here, do check out our Picks of the Month as well!

Art Korner SL maintains a comprehensive database of Photo Contests. In the Photogenic Sims section, one can find a list of all the possible photo contests we come across on the grid.

On the Upper Level, which is still partly under construction (expected to be open next month), one can find a dedicated space for conducting classes and workshops for photography enthusiasts and people willing to hone their craft.

The beautiful exteriors of our HQ have been designed by landscape designer Laureen Heart. Many works by master sculptor Mistero Hifeng can also be found here!

Please do visit and enjoy yourselves! We have some more exciting things coming here soon, which we will keep you updated about.

Click HERE to visit our inworld HQ.

Don’t forget to join our inworld group to keep getting updates regarding some of the best exhibitions and places to explore on the grid.

Art Korner SL Group URL : secondlife:///app/group/e0e5060f-202d-3080-050f-f93f79beb4b5/about