Art Korner Weekly : Surreal worlds, artistic occupation and much more

A stunning display of art set in a dreamlike world, a dialog exhibition featuring the art of two close friends and a new installation by Fiona Fei – all in this weekly newsletter.

Featured Exhibition

The Art of Wan Laryukov at My Surreal World 2

“My Surreal World 2”, the dreamlike world created by Marea2007 Praga, now exhibits the paintings and sculptures of Wan Laryukov on three surreal islands floating above this magical land. Wan’s incredible artwork feels right at home in the surreal surroundings of this world liberated from social conventions and which represents lived dreams and states of mind, reworked by the artist in a surrealist key.

Also Showing this Week

Occupation by Eupalinos Ugajin

An artistic occupation of GBTH’s neutral area by a really innovative artist who uses interactive exhibits and surprising twists to keep the visitor engaged.

Spring” by Fiona Fei

An installation by this incredible artist who uses her signature style of Chinese ink brush painting to creatively bring a springtime landscape in the virtual world.

Suzen Juel & Kicca Igaly

The personal styles of two very different artists can be seen this week at the Love & Love Art Gallery in two incredible displays along with the permanent exhibitions of Patrick Moya and Oblamov.

HaXue by Cayenne & Puce

A dialog exhibition where one can admire the art of ρυςє ђλχ (titput) and cayenne (bebop.xue), two great friends who also happen to collaborate really well while creating art.

Best of Flickr

Some incredible images that featured in our FLICKR group this week (April 12th to 18th). Join our Flickr Group and add your images to be considered for next week’s selection.

Look ♥
Vampire in Venice...
Jeanette StellaMarina
Tralala Loordes
Santa Maria dell'Isola di Tropea-1
Looker Lumet
Love is friendship caught fire...
Charly Keeley-Keating
Tierra Hermosa

What We Covered

White Noise : Welcome to Rose Hanry’s Nightmares !

In this insightful interview, artist Rose Hanry talks about her upcoming exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery and the personal struggles which inspired it.

Summer of 42 : Landscapes from a Cult Classic

A coming-of-age film set on the island of Nantucket in World War II USA is the inspiration for this outstanding build that will fascinate any visitor.

Discovering the Art of Zia Branner

In this interview with Art Korner, Zia Branner reveals her artistic process and shares her journey as an artist in the virtual world.

World Art Day : What Art Means to Artists

Today, on the occasion of World Art Day, we asked several artists what art means to them. Their answers turned out to be really interesting!

Dive into Greek Mythology with London Junkers at UASL

In this new installation at United Artists for SL, London Junkers takes us on a breathtaking journey through some of the most incredible stories from Greek mythology with the help of his stunning creations.

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