Featured Exhibit : Michiel Bechir’s Expo at United Artists of SL

Visit this remarkable exposition of Michiel Bechir’s landscape images at United Artists of SL and be mesmerized by his work.

The way Michiel Bechir transforms a virtual landscape and makes it his own has always fascinated me. A couple of weeks ago, I visited The Travel Art Show in his gallery and was really impressed at the way he had depicted the Kolmanskop region, which I have visited more than a few times.

Thus, when I heard he was exhibiting at UASL, I knew I had to visit and enjoy the incredible images he had on display. The biggest challenge of landscape photography, in my opinion, is to transport the viewer and give them a sense of being there and seeing something amazing. And it baffles me how Michiel is able to do that so well!

In this expo at UASL, Michiel Bechir presents a number of spectacular landscapes, each having its own unique defining characteristics. The sublime play of lights and colors in his images will fascinate any visitor to the Expo.

Michiel Bechir’s Expo at United Artists of SL (UASL) is a magnificent display of the numerous beautiful regions SL has to offer and a must-visit for anyone who loves virtual landscapes. Click HERE to visit the exhibition inworld.