Featured Exhibit : “Dialogues – Patterns, People” by Melusina Parkin and Whiskey Monday

Melusina’s works “dialogue” with Whiskey’s images beautifully on two different themes in this unique collaborative display at The 22 Artspace.

I was really happy to visit a unique exhibition by two incredible artists – Melusina Parkin and Whiskey Monday. Housed at The 22 Artspace in Bellisseria, “Dialogues : Patterns, People” is exactly what the title describes. Melusina’s images engage in a dialogue with Whiskey’s ones on two different themes – “Patterns” and “People“.

I really enjoy visiting such collaborative exhibitions since one can appreciate and celebrate the similarities and differences in the artists’ works. The exhibition is housed in a small, cozy building that gives out a very casual and friendly vibe. On ground level, the theme is “Patterns” and the artists exhibit in two adjoining rooms connected by a doorway.

Melusina plays around with colors, tones and lighting to present the beauty of some interesting patterns in her images whereas Whiskey has a completely different way of treating the beauty of patterns. Sometimes, even a break in the pattern can be beautiful, as is evidenced in the works on display.

A flight of stairs leads up to the upper level of the gallery, which is dedicated to another most interesting subject – “People“. Again, the artworks of Melusina and Whiskey converse with each other beautifully as one can notice the different perspectives of the two artists while approaching the same theme.

Dialogue : Patterns, People” by Melusina Parkin and Whiskey Monday is housed at the 22 Artspace in Belliseria and will be open for viewing from April 9th to June 26th. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.