Featured Exhibit : Charlie Namiboo at Eulennest Art Gallery

This exhibition of Charlie Namiboo’s portraits is housed at an incredible location – a gallery in the midst of nature on a picturesque island.

Eulennest Art Gallery is truly one of the most beautiful galleries I have been to. Literally translating to “Owl’s Nest“, it is set on a rather scenic, small island. We enter this compact but most pleasant gallery through an open-air restaurant overlooking the sea.

Most of Charlie Namiboo’s works that are showcased here are composed in black-and-white. In only a few of them, subtle hints and traces of specific colors have been used with great effect to enhance the tone of the image.

One of the biggest challenges in working without colors is that you have nothing to fall back on. Everything rests on your composition and the ability to evoke various moods using contrast. Charlie does this rather beautifully by bringing out even the most subtle expressions and details in her portraits.

The setup of the gallery inside a restaurant is something unique and makes a visit here an enjoyable one. Although the display is not really large, the friendly atmosphere and Charlie’s wonderful portraits really appealed to me.

Explore this exhibition of Charlie Namiboo’s works at Eulennest Gallery and enjoy her rich portraits full of character. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.