Featured Exhibit : “Watercolors” by Brienne aka Satya Roshna

Brienne aka Satya Roshna deals with various subjects in six beautiful paintings done by hand in this exhibition at the Art Park.

Although technically not an exhibition by itself, “Watercolors” leaves you fascinated by the simplicity of its images that convey a much deeper meaning. It is a part of Erik Mondrian’s exhibition at the Art Park, which is home to the private galleries of many artists.

Brienne, known as Satya Roshna inworld, is Erik’s RL mom. This exhibition, as the name says, is a collection of six of her watercolor paintings, displayed by Erik as a small part of his exhibition.

While Erik’s work is mainly created in SL and consists of snaps taken by him inworld and edited in different ways to bring out various moods and colors, Satya’s work is very different. These are paintings that are done by hand in RL and deal with various topics. “Swan Song” deals with the final moments before death while in “Morning Dew“, the dew drops on a flower form the focus of Satya’s work.

This exhibition by Brienne aka Satya Roshna is a wonderful addition to Art Park, which already has several interesting exhibitions.

Watercolors” by Brienne aka Satya Roshna is located in a part of Erik Mondrian’s exhibition at Art Park. Click HERE to visit this mini-exhibit inworld.