Featured Exhibit : “Wandering and Watching” by Melusina Parkin

Melusina Parkin experiments with contrasting tones amid the urban environment in this fascinating display at the Dixmix Gallery.

Colors and the way a photographer handles them can make or break their work. They can create a mood, evoke memories and relieve your stress. We tend to not pay attention to the colors and things around us as they blend seamlessly into the urban landscape most of us live in but subconsciously, they affect our thoughts, divert our attention and have an effect on our mood.

This exhibition by Melusina Parkin at the Dixmix Gallery deals with the play of colors and tones in an urban setting. Last week, I wrote about Melusina’s exhibit “Soft Solitudes” in which she explored the concept of solitude through a set of minimalist landscapes. In “Wandering and Watching“, she uses warm and cool tones to observe urban reality from two very different perspectives.

Warm tones act as protagonists, making us think of comfortable things like sunlight and heat, thus making the image look cozier. The cooler tones remind us of water, sky, ice and snow, thus representing the less attractive side of city life in Melusina’s images. However, she accepts the fact that they are a part of our daily life too and reveals their charm by giving them the dignity of protagonists as well.

This exhibition at the Dixmix Gallery showcases some of the details we always see when we wander around town but often tend to overlook. Cars, buildings, buses, benches, signs, fences – these are the essential ingredients of an urban landscape which are overlooked by most people. The use of the color red in the images is done in a way that creates contrast in the images while simultaneously drawing our attention to specific details.

Wandering and Watching” by Melusina Parkin is located in the Amona Room at the Dixmix Gallery. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.