Featured Exhibit : Travel Art Show at Michiel Bechir Gallery

Travel gives you joy, happiness and a million memories … Explore the landscape of the virtual world in this beautiful exhibition by three amazing artists.

The Michiel Bechir Gallery is hosting an exhibition with an interesting theme this month – “Traveling”. Travel has been on everyone’s minds ever since the world went into a series of successive lockdowns. That is just one of the reasons why this exhibition, titled the Travel Art Show, will resonate with most people.

The Travel Art Show displays art work created in the virtual space and spread out over three different rooms in the gallery. The works of three different artists – Sabine Maruti, Michiel Bechir and Louise (sallielouise) – can be seen. Sabine’s landscapes remind us of nature, forests and the countryside. Along with some stunning landscapes, Michiel and Louise also portray scenes from the life of a traveler, which have been created in the virtual world.

Visiting this gallery is a great way to learn about new places to explore in SL and witness the eternal beauty of these virtual landscapes.

The Travel Art Show is open for viewing at the Michiel Bechir Art Gallery. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.