Featured Exhibit : “Ordinary Angels” by Awesome Fallen

Another fascinating exhibit that will make you think, reflect and ponder over several things is now open at the Dixmix Gallery.

Note : Some of the images displayed at this exhibition may contain some nudity. Readers who find such images uncomfortable are advised to visit at their own discretion.

Sometimes people appear in your life when you need them most. They help you through the most difficult times and remind you of the best, even when you are going through the worst. These ordinary people are the real angels.

Ordinary Angels” by Awesome Fallen is an exhibition which plays with the concept of angels not being divine entities but rather ordinary people who have their own flaws, much like ourselves. Awesome represents these flaws in the form of cracks on their bodies. It is noteworthy that the bodies of these imperfect angels are not lean or ripped, as we would expect them to be but like those of ordinary people, sometimes even slightly overweight. The detailing within each image is outstanding and Awesome does a rather remarkable job of developing her art around this simple concept.

This is an exhibit that has the power to provoke visitors to think, contemplate and start a dialogue over it; and when art is able to do that, needless to say, it has successfully served its purpose.

“Ordinary Angels” by Awesome Fallen is open for viewing in the Abby room at Dixmix Gallery. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.