Featured Exhibit : Aneli Abeyante at Kondor White Gallery

The play of colors and motion at this visually-stunning exhibition by Aneli Abeyante will draw you in and keep you engaged.

A rather unique exhibition opened at the Kondor White Gallery on March 25th. The exhibit consists of some rather incredible animated artwork by Aneli Abeyante, the owner and curator of La Maison d’Aneli. The minimalist theme of the Kondor White Gallery suits this exhibition perfectly.

Aneli loves geometry and mathematics and this is rather evident when you look at her work. In this exhibition, she uses only the most simple geometrical shapes that move in perfect sync and harmony to create a beautiful effect. The exhibition is spread out over two floors and is a visual treat. Aneli’s art work tends to create some stunning optical illusions.

The colors and harmonious movements in each work of art will leave you fascinated. There are a few works of art in the exhibition which are still images but they are rather beautifully done too.

This exhibition at the Kondor White Gallery showcasing the art of Aneli Abeyante is open for public viewing. Click HERE to visit it inworld.