Featured Exhibit : “Silence is the Flower” by Joss Floss

This beautiful exhibition at Ribong Gallery Artspace 1920, which showcases the natural beauty of flowers, will completely mesmerize you.

Joss Floss has been exhibiting her artwork created within Second Life for the past five years. Her work has been showcased in several galleries, including her own Flossify Gallery, which she has now converted into a post-industrial green wilderness. Her interest in environmental issues is evident from her past works where she highlighted the grave threat posed to insects and the entire ecosystem due to rampant use of pesticides.

Her latest exhibition “Silence is the Flower” reminds viewers of the natural, precious beauty of flowers. Joss uses the flowers in her images to communicate with her viewers. In almost all the artworks, the flowers are the subjects while Joss’ avatar is often seen out of focus or in the background.

The simplicity of the images is what reels the viewer in. “Silence is the Flower” is actually a Japanese phrase which loosely translates to “Some things are better left unsaid”. And true to the title, these pictures are not about saying or showing anything. The images within this exhibit are meant to evoke stories in the viewers’ minds. This exhibition is brimming with positivity and provides a source of happiness and comfort in these difficult times.

Additionally, Joss will be donating all the proceeds from her artwork sales at this exhibition to Kaleidoscope International Trust, an organization supporting LGBT+ Activists around the world.

“Silence is the Flower” is open for viewing in Artspace 1920 at the Ribong Gallery. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

More of Joss Floss’ artwork can be seen on her FLICKR page.