Featured Exhibit : Selected Works of Honey Bender

Explore the art of Honey Bender in this simple but elegant display at the Dixmix Gallery.

This exhibition at the Dixmix Gallery is a collection of some incredible artworks created inworld by Honey Bender. Honey’s works are dark in tone but at the same time extremely captivating. The mental images that form when one strolls through the gallery are those of cabarets and showgirls at the turn of the century, perhaps in fin de siècle France.

It is interesting to note that Honey Bender is an extremely talented designer as well and owns a successful store – [BENDER]. Most of the beautiful dresses and corsets used in her artworks are of her own design.

In many of her works, Honey makes effective use of the Focus Blur to draw attention to her subjects. The effort put in design, aesthetics, lighting and composition pays off as her subjects are seen in all their glory. The artist has not edited these images heavily, but rather has relied on their natural simplicity to connect with the viewer.

This exhibition of Honey Bender’s selected works will be open for viewing in the Amalfia room at the Dixmix Gallery from March 20th to April 23rd. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

More of Honey Bender’s artwork can be seen on her FLICKR page.