Featured Exhibit : “My Greece, My Cats” by Slatan Dryke

Slatan Dryke draws you into the world of feral cats on a beautiful Greek island in this stunning display of his real-world photography.

“My Greece, My Cats” by Slatan Dryke brings into focus a colony of stray cats living on the Greek island of Astypalaia. Being an Italian, Slatan has had the opportunity to visit several Greek islands over the years. He has visited several tiny jewels – places yet unknown to the tourist chain – always in search of what the Greeks call “Pyrinas” (the core).

According to him, his journey finally ended a few years ago when he stumbled upon the beautiful island of Astypalaia. Slatan fell in love with this island – the rich vibrant history, the clear waters surrounding the island, the delicious food and … the cats! Like every other Greek island, Astypalaia has its own colony of stray cats. They are the original keepers of the old city and the harbor. These cats look pitifully at the poor human struggling through the daily course of the day, always wishing for the freedom that he will never have.

As is the case with most of Slatan’s works, he has made very limited use of the editor, giving these images an extremely “natural” look. Slatan’s perfectionism is visible as the ratio, composition and lighting in each photograph is handled with great care. Through this series of photographs exhibited at The Loft Gallery, the artist gives us a taste of the beauty of Astypalaia along with a glimpse into the life of its permanent residents – the cats.

“My Greece, My Cats” by Slatan Dryke is showcased at The Loft Gallery in the Kultivate Sim. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

More of Slatan Dryke’s artwork can be seen on his FLICKR page.