Featured Exhibit : Kultivate The Edge Gallery – March 2021 Exhibition

The March 2021 Exhibition of Kultivate’s The Edge Gallery opened up on Sunday and it is a demonstration of what excellent artists are able to create even with a “restricted” palette.

A gallery that showcases only black-and-white art is difficult to find, even more so within a virtual world where colors and tones can be manipulated so easily and effectively. A black-and-white image tends to break the picture down, reducing it to its forms and tones. This genre of photography is all about image composition and tones. Kultivate’s The Edge Gallery is dedicated to promoting and showcasing some incredible black-and-white art works by several artists, both emerging and established, each month.

The following artists are exhibiting their art at the March 2021 Exhibition:

  • Vanessa Jane
  • Jamee Sandalwood
  • Maaddi Benazzi
  • Veruca Tammas
  • Reycharles Resident
  • Soraia Rodrigues
  • Anders Franizzi
  • Saskia Reiko
  • Johannes Huntsman
  • Justice Pedroia

The variety of genres where black-and-white imagery works effectively can be witnessed in this exhibition. There is something about the images which draws the viewer in. We find landscapes, portraits and abstract art within this display, which is indicative of the flexibility of this genre. This exhibition is a brilliant showcase of the magic that can be created using varying tones of black and white.

The March 2021 Exhibition of Kultivate The Edge Gallery is open for viewing. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

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