Featured Exhibit : “The Beauty of Moving Water” by Nils Urqhart

The eternal beauty of waterfalls, flowing rivers and gentle streams is showcased in a number of breathtaking images in this exhibition at the Kondor Photo Gallery.

It is because water moves that we live. Without moving water, there would be no rivers, streams or canals; only drought and famine. As water moves over land, it hurtles over rocks, meanders through valleys and falls off cliffs providing us with some really beautiful sights in the process. Just listening to the sound of a flowing stream or that of waves crashing against rocks is said to improve our mood and mental health.

Taking still photographs of flowing water is something photographers have always struggled with. The effect of moving water is one that is not easy to achieve within a still image. Nils Urqhart, an experienced photographer who also manages and curates his own gallery, Art Gallery Rill’Arts, uses the technique of long-exposure photography to achieve the desired effect. He manages to do this effectively without making the image noisy, which is always a challenge while using lower shutter speeds. Most of his work has been done within the French Alps and showcases the abundant natural beauty within this region.

“The Beauty of Moving Water” by Nils Urqhart is open for viewing at the Kondor Photo Gallery. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

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