Upcoming Events in the Art World This Weekend

For our readers’ benefit we have compiled together some of the most interesting events related to art and photography we came across. By no means is this list complete and if you do find something missing, please let us know by dropping a NC to Frank Atisso inworld or via email to info@artkornersl.com

Friday, March 12th

1 pm – 2:45 pm : Official Opening of SLEA Machinima Land

Be there for “Music and Frivolous Fun” with DJ Gorilla (Livio Korobase).

You will be able to view past work by machinimators Ataro Asbrink, Eupalinos Ugajin, Glasz DeCuir, Holala Alter, Iono Allen, Mexi Lane and Wizardoz Chrome herself.

You can also sign up for a machinima workshop which is hosted by Tutsy Navarathna and Wizardoz, and learn about an exciting new venture you too could be a part of!

Saturday, March 13th

12 pm – 2 pm : FOCUS 100K Contest Closing Party

Focus Magazine & Galleries will be exhibiting and announcing the winners and finalists of the 100K Sea Brook Photo Contest!

Come and join the party with first class live music:

12 PM – Shady Live Music

1 PM – Thera D. Live Music

1 pm – 4 pm : Art in the Park – Grand Opening

Join us in welcoming some of SL’s most amazing artists at this special opening event.

Songbird – 1 pm

DJ Benny – 2 pm

1 pm – 3 pm : Dixmix Gallery – Alchemelic

Be there for Alchemelic : Music and Art by d-oo-b & kalyca

d-oo-b’s music style ranges from classical to experimential. Kalyca is a mixed media artist who loves to experiment with color and texture.

Together they have combined their love for art and music to create a truly intriguing original experience.

1 pm – 3 pm : Janus Gallery II – Exhibit Opening

Be there for the Opening of Isabel Hermano’s new exhibit in Janus Gallery II

AleyKat and Roxanne Devinna will perform live, making for an awesome afternoon of art and music.

1 pm : AleyKat

2 pm : Roxanne Y. Devinna

Sunday, March 14th

1 pm – 2 pm : Kultivate Edge Gallery – Exhibition Opening

Be there for the opening of Kultivate Edge Gallery’s March 2021 Exhibition!

Kultivate Edge Gallery is Kultivate’s only gallery that features black and white imagery. The following artists are exhibiting this month:

Vanessa Jane
Jamee Sandalwood
Maaddi Benazzi
Veruca Tammas
Reycharles Resident
Soraia Rodrigues
Anders Franizzi
Saskia Reiko
Johannes Huntsman
Justice Pedroia

Live musician Mimi Carpenter will perform throughout the hour.

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm : Kondor Photo Gallery – Exhibition Opening

RL Photography Exhibition

“The Beauty of Moving Water” by Nils Urqhart

Opening Party with the Music of Melinda