Pose Fair : A Virtual Tour Through Pictures

Join us as we walk you through the March Round of the Pose Fair – a must-visit on any photographer’s list.

If there is one thing that every photographer and blogger looks forward to, it is the Pose Fair. Just walking through it’s lanes, trying out various poses and buying your favorite ones provides a satisfaction like no other. The sheer variety of poses at this event is mind-boggling. The effort creators put into designing their booths and making their “Exclusives” is evident. The deals and discounts Pose Fair offers to its guests is incredible.

Pose Fair started way back in 2010 as an annual event and it has slowly grown within the past decade to become the biggest shopping event for photography within SL. The efforts of Ruby Starlight and her team need to be applauded as they enter their 11th year.

Large booths at the Pose Fair are clustered around the landing area

As a matter of tradition and a nod to the times when the fair was conducted yearly, each spring the team organizes a huge Pose Fair. It is no secret that the March round has always been the biggest and most successful round each year for the Pose Fair. This is due to the extraordinary publicity efforts done by the organizing team. This year, the Pose Fair – March Round has it’s own stage. A day-long concert was organized on March 6th with around 20 live performers including some really prominent names.

What differentiates Pose Fair from other general shopping events is the professionalism in the way it is designed and conducted. It is also a much more interactive experience for guests since one has the opportunity to demo poses right there on pose stands unlike fashion events where you need to collect demos and try them out elsewhere.

Medium Booths are arranged in a mini maze of sorts

This edition of the Pose fair has a total of 67 booths in all sizes – Large, Medium and Small. The large booths are placed around the landing zone, from where a small lane leads into a mini maze of medium booths and small booths. The medium booths are the most commonly chosen option by brands and businesses, with as many as 49 stores choosing to go for them.

Through pictures, we provide a glimpse of the booths at the Pose Fair for our readers. For some booths we have used a picture of the entire booth whereas for some we have only provided the part with Exclusive or Discounted poses, depending on booth design.

The Pose Fair March round is open from March 7th to 28th. Click HERE to visit Pose Fair inworld.

Large Booths

Medium Booths

Small Booths