POSEvent : A Brief Overview of the February Round

With the month of March just getting started, we decided to visit the POSEvent February Round and give our readers a glimpse into the brands exhibiting and their booth setups.

POSEvent is a monthly event – perhaps the only one of its kind in SL – that is dedicated to poses, backdrops and even photography HUDs. It starts on the 27th of each month and lasts all the way up to the 19th of the following month.

Needless to say, we are always excited to go check it out every time a new round opens up. The setup is done in a dazzling array of neon lighting which provides the place a simple but aesthetic look. The booth sizes and placement is very conveniently done and makes for a good shopping experience.

Just because it is POSEvent, do not be under the impression that you will only find poses here. Although a bulk of the booths are taken up by pose stores, there are a few really good backdrop stores and stores selling Photography HUDs as well as props. A lot of stores offer exciting exclusives and discounts in their booths. POSEvent does offer a wide array of poses – single poses, couple poses, friends poses, poses + props, even sex poses – it is all available here!

Here we present a brief glimpse of the booths at the POSEvent February Round. We hope you have a great time shopping here!

The POSEvent February Round will be open from February 27th to March 19th. Click HERE to visit it inworld.